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Bring sexy back. (via Not Art by Warsheh | boldatwork:

Medi “One Is Not Enough”, 2013. 
She made me grin in the morning.
Ike Edeani: Observations - Thisispaper Magazine
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El Neoray
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Q: My name is Talanie! Woah. Haha, how little of me to think i was the only one.

My name’s actually Natalie, but since it was already taken on Twitter -d’uh! - I switched everything and Talanie it was. Sorry for stealing your name! :-) 

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Daar is niet veel voor nodig.

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Fine dreaming it is. (via Lost Type Co-op | Oilcan) (via The Lost Art of the Movie Title | Messy Nessy Chic Messy Nessy Chic) (via Wonderland Shoots: You In Colour - Wonderland Magazine)